Donations made to our General Fund will help us run our organization more equitably and effectively to provide more activities and events. You can read more about how we will use these funds at our GoFundMe page on the link above.

Funds will be used for NOT be used for salaries or stipends for NASJA members, supporting political candidates, or large expenses (those are covered by grants).

Carousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageTwo women stand in front of dozens of protest signs on a hillside in a parkCarousel imageCarousel imageOrganizers stand in front of First Parish Church of Stow for Stop AAPI Hate VigilPeople gather to pay respects to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg after her passing


To encourage welcoming and inclusive communities by collaborating with local residents and organizations to promote social justice.


The Nashoba Area Social Justice Alliance was formed in May 2020 in response to the racial, social, and civil unrest unfolding across the nation, and is open to residents of Stow, Bolton, Lancaster, and surrounding Massachusetts towns.

We are committed to working for intersectional justice and equality for all people, focusing on areas of particular need as they arise. We are continue to educate ourselves on the history of systemic racism and the steps to dismantle it, raising anti-racist children, and building a safe, welcoming space for our community. This is an ongoing effort, and we are here for a marathon, not a sprint.

We believe that big changes can come by taking steps at the local level. Areas of focus will include working with the Nashoba Regional School District, local law enforcement and government, and offering citizen action opportunities with the goal of working for social justice one small change at a time.

Welcome to the movement! Keep up with us via email to find out how you can take action.